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Riedell's Aria uses Kangaroo leather which is incredibly soft and luxurious. Riedell Aria uses some of the best technologies designed for ice skates. Edea however has the most top level skaters that placed in the Olympics and the World Championships. There are beginner ice skates such as Jackson Mystique JS or Riedell 10 Opal, these skates should be used by entry level skaters and are mostly used as a starting pair of skates in learn to skate programs.

Skates such as Jackson Softec various models and Riedell Sparkle or Riedell and Soar and usually used by recreational skaters who wish to skate as leisure activity or as some people say skate for fun. These ice skates are used by skaters learning their single rotation jumps and spins. These skates are used by top level skaters who do double triple and even quadruple jumps and high level spins. Ice skates are the most important part of a figure skaters' attire.

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Ice skates come in different stiffness and weight and need to be fitted according to the skater's level and ability. It is very important to select the right pair of ice skates, because if the ice skates are too advanced for your level they will impair your ability to learn and will create more difficulty during the learning process then help you achieve your goals faster. Picking figure skates that are too low for your level is also a bad idea.

They will not provide enough support during the various skating elements you might perform.

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Ice skating dresses are a very important part of a figure skater's attire. Different musical programs have a certain theme to them and of course the outfit should fit with the music. Different Figure Skating Dresses manufacturers produce their figure skating dresses to reflect the tone of various types of music.

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For example black figure skating dresses and red figure skating dresses are great for classical music, Spanish dresses are great for music like Carmen. A necessity to all ice skaters. Skate guards are used to protect figure skating blades from damage which can happen if you walk on a hard surface or if you step on something other than a rubber floor mat.

Ice Skates Soakers are used to absorb the moisture and to protect the blade from the elements, they help to reduce or completely remove the corrosion. Every skater has to carry their gear somewhere so we carry a wide variety of bags for every taste. Admission and skate rental close one hour before the rink closes.

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  • Times are subject to change due to weather or special events. Although the rink can stay cold up to about 60 degrees air temperature in dry weather, warm temperatures with high humidity or rain can make the rink unskatable and cause it to be closed temporarily. Convenient, affordable parking is also available just one block away at the new The Lykins Energy Solutions Warming Tent is available for birthday parties, corporate events, holiday parties, private rentals and group outings or for anyone who just wants to have a party.

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    To make a reservation or to inquire about availability, please contact Andrea Hawkins at AHawkins 3cdc. Need to refuel after an afternoon of skating? We proudly serve Coca-Cola products. Secured and unsecured lockers for shoes, purses, bags, etc. See rink staff regarding small fee for secured lockers. Skates are rented first-come, first-serve. If we are out of your size, we will offer a similar size if available or wait until more skates are returned. Select a city Des Moines. Select a city Boise. Select a city Bloomington Chicago Peoria. Select a city Indianapolis Kokomo Muncie.

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